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Cat Furniture - Trees, Perches, Condos selects only the best quality, sturdy, functional, decor friendly cat furniture for your cat. Discover our series of unique cat furniture and cat accessories including cat trees, cat shelters, cat condos, and cat scratching posts. All of these products have been selected to promote exercise and safety while satisfying your cat's urges of curiosity, climbing and scratching. Also see our Eco-Friendly cat furniture product page for the "green" conscious consumer.

Allow your cat to play safely outdoors. Through the Kittywalk® cat furniture recommended by My Three Cats & Co., you can purchase completely enclosed, outdoor cat furniture. Give your cat the joy of exposure to the great outdoors in a safe environment.

We also offer a series of pet strollers specifically designed for you to take your cat for a walk. Benefiting you both, your pet safely enjoys the outdoors while you exercise.
PurrfecTrends Cat Tower - 62" - Naturally Clear - NEW!!!
Refined Feline Cat Igloo Deluxe™ Bed & End Table - Espresso - NEW LOWER PRICE!!!
Catitude Carnival Cat Tree - NEW!!!
Googie Cat Bed - NEW!!! Shown in Red Ellipse, Tan Carpeting - Several designs available
Designer Kitty Sill - Zebra - NEW!!!
Large Tiger Combo Scratcher - NEW!!!
"Sugar" Multi-Tiered Carpet & Sisal Cat Tree - Shown in Medium Grey - NEW LOWER PRICE!
SALE PRICE: $259.95
Cat Tree Lotus™ Espresso
Catitude Cat Tower - NEW!!!
Catitude Salvador Cat Playground - NEW!!!
Designer Kitty Sill With Bolster - Leopard - NEW!!!
Eco-Friendly 72" Cat Tree - Four Levels Cedar/Pine - Natural Sisal - NEW!!!
Modern Cat Furniture - Tall Cat Condo-Shown In Espresso
Outdoor Heated Kitty A-Frame Shelter - NEW!!!
Refined Feline Kitty Ball Bed™ - Espresso - NEW LOWER PRICE!!!
The Ultimate Scratching Post
Bootsie's Combination Scratcher
Cat Climber (Door Hanger) - NEW!!!
Eco-Friendly 53" Cat Tree - Three Levels Cedar/Pine - Natural Sisal
Eco-Friendly Incline Scratcher with CEDAR Post - Natural Sisal Rope
Kitty Comfy Condo in Sage Polka Dot - NEW!!!
Kitty Comfy Condo in Zebra - NEW!!!
"Lucy" Cat Tree - Shown in Medium Grey
"Scruff Jr" Carpet & Sisal Cat Tree & Condo - Shown in Gray
Cat Clouds™ Contemporary Shelves - Shown In Off White Right Facing
Eco-Friendly 36" Small Cat Tree Two Levels Cedar/Pine - Natural Sisal Rope Trim
Eco-Friendly Maple Incline Scratcher - Natural Sisal Rope
Eco-Friendly Scratching Post - Pine - Natural Sisal Rope
Sky Climber - NEW!!!
Tiny Steps - 4 and 6 Step Versions - Shown in 4 Step Leopard Luxe With Black Trim
"The Wishing Well" Cat Tree & Condo - Shown in Beige
American Craftsman Series - Double Seat - Cherry
American Craftsman Series - Single Seat - Cherry
Combo Scratching Platform - Shown in Ebony
Eco-Friendly Cat Climbers - Wall Perches - 18" Wide
Little Bit Cat Perch and Scratcher - Shown in Blue - Other Colors!
Scratch N Shapes Lounger - Peacock Design - CLICK TO SEE ALL STYLES
Deluxe Cat Window Perch-Shown In Natural
Eco-Friendly 22" Cat Replacement Scratcher - Natural Sisal Rope
Kittywalk® Grand Prix
Kittywalk® Lawn Version
Decorative 2 Pet Step - Warm Cherry
Decorative 3 Pet Step - Warm Cherry
Kittywalk® Carnival
Kittywalk® Carousel
Kittywalk® Clubhouse™
Kittywalk® Cozy Cabin - Forest Green
Kittywalk® Cozy Climber
Kittywalk® Curves
Kittywalk® Deck & Patio
Kittywalk® Double Decker Stroller
Kittywalk® Ferris Wheel
Kittywalk® Fifth Avenue Pet Stroller™ Blue
Kittywalk® Fifth Avenue Pet Stroller™ Pink
Kittywalk® Fifth Avenue SUV Pet Stroller™ Blue
Kittywalk® Fifth Avenue SUV Pet Stroller™ Pink
Kittywalk® Kabana™ Sunshade & Hammock
Kittywalk® Penthouse
Kittywalk® Royale Classic Stroller™
Kittywalk® Royale One Touch Stroller™
Kittywalk® Sport Pet Stroller™ Blue
Kittywalk® Sport Pet Stroller™ Pink
Kittywalk® Town & Country
Lotus Cat Tree™ Carpet Replacement Kit Featured in Brown
Lotus Cat Tree™ Sisal Weave Scratcher Replacement Shown in Dark Brown with Dark Brown Trim
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